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:sparkles_red: i don't even know how to start an introduction...

my name is vanessa, i'm 19 years old, i'm bisexual. i have depression
sorry for my poor english i still learning, this is not my mother language, i'm brazilian and hope make some friends here

Although I oppose the #EU's #Article13, I really don't think #Mastodon or any other current #Fediverse project is in danger.

When reading the (still) unofficial version it's clear to me that small non-profits like (almost) all our servers, are not affected.


Actually I think that (how wry that may sound) Mastodon, #Peertube and other Fediverse projects can benefit from this situation. Because Article 13 is clearly written in a profitable neo-liberal context. All these servers/instances/pods are just to small.

And what about #Article11?

Same conclusion. It's not attended for us small (not even registered) non-profits.


I honestly don't know what kind of leftist I am. I'm somewhere between Ancom and Anarchotranshumanist. I think the incorporation of advanced technology into smaller anarchistic societies could make it much easier to have this become a reality. For example, 3d printing means we don't need huge factories mass printing parts that sort of work, Similarly the internet allows people to share musings, ideologies, research, etc.

You’ve heard about Anarchy in the UK but have you heard of Democratic Confederalism in the Middle East?

Learning dead languages and/or philosophy is lunarpunk.

when I go onto Twitter I feel like I'm cheating on Mastodon

The darkness closes around me like a sock around a foot

nothing makes sense in my life so i'll go watch doctor who

The Virgin Microsoft Word vs The Chad LibreOffice

Brazilpol State and non-state violance. (-) Show more

Brazilpol State and non-state violance. (-) Show more

me: *actively working to design my life around never having to interact with another person* why am i so lonely all the time

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Your dystopia will become commodified.