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@luxotek @sweetmercury this was, quite the tweet to find at the top of my timeline when i tabbed back to pleroma

dicking around with my working phone and deleted it's imei number for both sim slots. totally fixable but win10 is making it hard cause it's driver signing policy is crazy strict and sucks now... so been fighting with that for 6 hours or so. half awake

for shits and giggles I put the sim back in my newer lg Stylo and it magically went back on the network again. like wtf. all this BS started cause it wouldn't connect to TMobile anymore after I replaced its screen.


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@luxotek oh mother FUCKER

i recently repaired a 2005-era pocket pc with a swollen battery and even it was easier to fix than that bullshit
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@luxotek this is at least one of the easier hardware problems to fix. unless it's an iphone

oh hey - my drugs have kicked in a i'm at maximum verbosity



the battery on my last working phone just started to swell and now the back panel keeps popping off


trying to print out text labels to tape onto the dash buttons - just plain paper since that's all i have - and a glue stick and clear tape

but trying to find a font i like and then fitting it to the size constraints of 25x22mm on an app i dunno how to reselect the text i already put in instead of making it make more text and doesn't measure in mm - just cm - so it's like - oh well close enough i guess

only slept like 3 hours this morning before the weird dreams and horrible pain woke me up

gonna be a heavy med day - which means it' likely i'll get nothing 'important' done and just do some weird tech tasks to keep my mind busy and make terrible toots all day
need to nap again before 6pm so i can be lucid to go solo with my kiddo
she's been spending a ton of time in her new room now - even thought it's not near finished - which is a HUGE change from the last 5 years where she's avoided it like the plaque for some reason.. like she's refused to sleep in there for the last two years to the point of throwing fits any time we tried to get her back in there so we can have the living room back after 8pm to do adult things
i think having the bed where she can see out the door makes her feel safer - and i'm sure all the effort and pain i put into what we've done so far made her feel special and important - she knows how sick i am and how much things hurt.. it's all she knows me as which sucks cause i used to be hella fun and funny and she never got to know that me - just sad broken dad

guess my wife isn't feeling good since her math class is almost over and she's in here snoring like she was possessed by and angry farting chainsaw

hope she makes her biology exam tonight

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@luxotek I don't think anyone can draw well with that UI, which makes it super fun to use

i dunno what changed but now when i trim my beard it turns into stiff pokie weird like.. i dunno how to describe it - chia pet-ish? - it looks bad now too

before it would still be soft and flat and nice looking

meh - kinda want to just shave it back to my chops now and let it all grow back in soft and shit again

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just curious why? you might've said before but is there something in particular going on/happened there I should know of?

ok - that's better and kinda cooler imo

kinda want to see what the other options look like to generate these files - but don't want to keep having to reload the instance - but the command like that generates them isn't exposed at all that i can tell (honestly i have no idea what to look for since i know dick about command line ffmpeg) - just know where the options that generate the type of display are

well. that'll do for now i suppose

anywho - did an upstream merge from glitch-soc - no automatic merge cause of my changes now
so lost my changes to the filesize validation shit i made to let it merge and see how they changed it

they've almost fixed the audio file type being ignored completely even though it's defined.. kinda - so it was still getting lumped into to the image size validation - but with the better unless statement i think i learned a more elegant way to get the audio stuff looked at and limited by a more sane size limit to let it transcode wav files
also changed the type of wav display it makes when it turns them into videos - i think.. i hope

so - about to update the instance and then i'll get to see how bad i broke the validation routines
or if i lost my length limit change too cause i forgot where that file was and so didn't look at it

welp.. found out the VM's choking on having two dhcp servers and two scopes and not getting a ipv4 address at all - dhcpv6 worked fine - then had to do a crash course on learning netplan cause i had no idea it had changed from the good old /etc/networks/interfaces shit

so that was fun - also learned i can't spell addresses right to save my life and then can't see well enough now to proofread shit correctly and missed the typo 38 times
so that's all fixed and the underlying os updated too cause why not

bouncing the server for a minute cause i can't remember which zvol it's using and i'm trying to clean up the server

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