i fixed my dads 'new' desktop the other day
he bought some huge overkill gfx card cause the spare i used in it finally started having problems after being overclocked for ~8 years.. blocking artifacts on boot so probably burned out memory chip somewhere on it

so he gets some 8gb rx480 he found on sale and as soon as the right drivers were installed it starts kicking off post codes and won't boot - can't fix that remotely so he comes down here and it works fine as long as the onboard intel ports are active and used
then i notice it's on the factory bios like 16 updates back
update the bios and panic cause no post no video - figure out it's just disabled onboard video and now it works fine on his beast gfx card along with a host of other problems he's been having magically solved

so he gave me this old little mini desktop slim style whatever this is he's had under his desk unused for like years

so now has a new dedicated server i'll be moving over too - along with all the other VM's i have running
probably will be less resources than the VM but without the ancient slow as fuck storage that's been strangling it (yay)

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