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ugh still super nauseous even after tossing cookies again
all i can do is rock myself to sleep like some abandoned test monkey in a bare cage

Christian Death (feat. Rozz Williams) - In Absentia
Path Of Sorrows (1993)

fuck - the command i ran has been running so long i forgot why i was running and what i was gonna do next

huh - seems like alot of updates in the merge for no version change

mh (-) 

LOL i don't even use my own instance anymore...

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every post i've ever made on mastodon i stole from tumblr..

including this one that specifically mentions that i stole it from tumblr on 4/6/19

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better use for the phrase helltunnel that was coined last about our screenshot dunk meme?

my asshole right now as I commit this crime against nature against my bathroom...


mh (-) 

i seriously need to get off my ass and pull these two computers apart and redo the thermal grease - it's getting too fuckng hot in here now during the day
doesn't help it's already almost 80f during the days here.. it's fucking april.. i shouldn't have to already have the a/c on every damned day

i'd imagine having port 80 open to me and letting nginx do them all automagically would be neet though

but whatever
if i could afford pro hosting i wouldn't be begging for money to make my dr's appointment

huh - a little glitch since i originally grabbed the certs on another machine - but other than a forced directory change where it stuck the cert - that was pretty painless this time

ah crap - almost forgot i have to renew my ssl cert on here...


i'm shutting down for good at the end of the day

i've decided i'm happy now

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Everything's a lie and nothing is real.