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Dystopian.Fun Mastodon hosted on

Everything's a lie and nothing is real
Your dystopia will become commodified.

A community for cyberpunks, goths, nihilists, sadposters, and shitposters with a proclivity for high weirdness, off-color humor, and public lewdness.
Ages 18+ only. Sexually or violently graphic imagery without a CW is not permitted. Hateful and bigoted conduct is not permitted.
Bad jokes are encouraged.

Remember, shit's bad enough out there without you being a dick to the fediverse.
Don't be an asshole here please.

NOTICE: This instance runs on 8 year old hardware I found in the trash and cobbled together using twine, spit, bubblegum, and tears of all the fallen sysadmins.
It'll blow up 2-3 times a day for sure.
This is a good place for an alt or two but I'm not sure about making it your Main instance though - YMMV and main at your own risk.

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